Maximum Farming

Ag Spectrum’s Maximum Farming System®, well recognized in the marketplace as Nu-Till®, is a systems approach with three essential parts – like a three-legged stool.

Lose any of the legs and the stool falls down.

  1. Air and Water Management
  2. Nutrient Management
  3. Tillage and Planting Equipment

Ironically, Nu-Till means less labor with better results. Uniformity produces yield and our system produces uniformity. It's well documented. You obtain uniform planting depth, uniform proximity of seeds to fertilizer, virtually simultaneous germination, uniform growth and uniform yields. Plus, you get consistent peace of mind knowing you have minimized risk to the best of your ability. You have covered all the bases and will maximize your returns.

Corn-field-1.gifThat's why we call the Nu-Till System, "Maximum Farming." But profits are what make the Nu-Till System truly "Maximum Farming." The combination of increased yields and decreased costs (see Savings Potential) is sometimes startling to the newcomer. We promise to provide you with personalized service from soil test to harvest. Learn more about the services we provide at Service Steps.

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