The opportunity is yours…today. Do you understand your soils and the impact of available nutrients beyond N, P, and K? Are you maximizing plant nutrition by applying the right products in the proper quantity, at the right time, and in the right place?  Have you made a long-term commitment to your farm’s future and are taking steps to ensure your legacy is preserved?

Your System for Success Starts Today.

  1. Choose the right team who will be there to support you throughout the season. Contact an Ag Spectrum Associate – link to Contact Associate page)
  2. Understand the make-up of your soils.
  3. Set realistic goals and implement recommendations to achieve those goals, even if they are incremental.
  4. Prepare your equipment for precision planting.
  5. Apply proper nutrients at the right time and in the right form, place and quantity.
  6. Manage your crop throughout the season, identifying diseases and pests early and prepare for inevitable stresses.
  7. Analyze your results post-harvest and make recommendations for next season.
  8. Use a complete systems approach where all decisions are integrated and build upon one another.