From left: Terry Metzger, Garry Brumm, Cliff Ramsier, Kevin Newgard, Wayne Stuedemann
Meet the Board


The board of directors has been providing leadership to Ag Spectrum Company for more than 35 years. This group of farm boys recognized the importance of producing crops in the most cost-efficient way possible and wanted to make a difference in the agricultural industry. They founded Ag Spectrum in 1984, a company based on principles of basic science and fundamental core values. Since then, these men have designed a comprehensive system, known as the Maximum Farming System, which addresses the whole production environment necessary to produce a healthy crop.

Ag Spectrum’s commitment to advancing agriculture is demonstrated by our professional, supportive, and calculated approach to the marketplace. We believe in using research to educate producers, helping them wade through the influx of media messages and silver bullet approaches presented by the industry. Although the company continues to grow, it remains dedicated to helping farmers achieve their goals and leaving things better than we found them. The board’s knowledge of farming, combined with a passion for improving agricultural production practices, has shaped the company into what it is today.