The Maximum Farming System approaches yield improvement from a new perspective. Conventional thinking focuses on the belief that increasing inputs will result in increased production. However, production is actually driven by a complex combination of chemical, physical and biological processes. We believe that if farmers can optimize the effects of those processes, you can maximize production efficiency, leading to higher yields.

Our approach is rooted in basic science and research. The Maximum Farming System is based upon fundamental principles of proven science that depict how a plant grows, the stresses it encounters, and ways to maximize energy utilization in the plant. At Ag Spectrum, we believe inputs are only as good as the effectiveness of the entire production system, which is why our systematic approach addresses the whole production environment necessary to produce a healthy crop. By establishing the right timing, placement, quantity, and form of nutrients, plants can maximize energy and in turn, growers can maximize their yield and return on every crop investment.

Not all production improvements occur in a single cropping season. Past management decisions can impact your results today. Maximum Farming is focused on long term productivity and success of your business, and takes some commitment to a long-term plan. But if you are systematic, you’ll see benefits build over time.