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Research Continues to Prove Effectiveness of the Maximum Farming System

The art of foliar feeding production crops is a hot agricultural topic that is gaining ground and publicity. An increasing number of farmers are using the practice to fine-tune their nutrient strategies to create a better crop stand and maximize yields.

A leading industry expert in foliar nutrition, Dr. Patrick Brown and his team of researchers from the University of California, Davis have been in collaboration with Ag Spectrum to conduct research that furthers the understanding of foliar feeding in the...

Two Ag Spectrum Associates Discover Opportunity in a Small Nebraska Town

The small town of Minden, Nebraska, is home to a smattering of restaurants, several town festivals, and rich, tillable acres as far as the eye can see. Production agriculture and the supportive businesses that accompany it to supply equipment, seed, parts, and chemicals dominate the rural town’s industry.

Jeff Pettz, long-time resident of Minden, shares those same rural ties to the community. His contribution as a Maximum Farming System dealer has radiated new light on the traditional agricultural...

Plant Productivity Flourishes in Healthy, Robust Soils

Imagine a tree, growing in the strangest of places, atop the roof of the Decatur County Courthouse, in Greensburg, Indiana. For more than 150 years, trees have been growing out of this dominant fixture in the community, peaking many visitors’ curiosity. What started as a seedling is now 15 feet tall and has survived merely upon nutrients in the roof dust and moisture in the atmosphere. What makes this possible? Photosynthesis.

What’s the difference between this tree’s environment and most plants? Soil. A nurturing bed...


Lead Don't Fallow - Challenges of Arid Climate are No Match for Maximum Farming System

5 Rs of Nutrient Stewardship - Systems Approach Delivers the Breadth and Depth of Farming Responsibly


Challenges of an Arid Climate are No Match for Maximum Farming System

The challenges of dryland farming require most Montana farmers to leave their land fallow in order to conserve moisture for the next season’s crop. One year of barren land provides time for crop residues to break down and returns nutrients back to the soil for the subsequent crop, but that also means reduced profits.

When Jerry Philipps took over the family operation he made the decision to continue his father’s no-till tradition that was started more than 30 years ago. The no-till management practice has...

Weather Departures and Management Explain Wide-ranging 2015 Yields

  • Early warm weather boosted vegetative growth and increased photosynthesis.
  • Grain fill lasted longer than normal, boosting yields.
  • Increased rainfall during grain fill aided nitrogen availability to plants at a critical time.

It’s often said that a normal year is the average of five extremes. The 2015 growing season was extreme as well, but farmers who were prepared benefited greatly.

If best management practices were implemented throughout the growing season, stresses...

Ag Spectrum Associate from Ohio Knows How to "Sell the Sizzle"

On any given night in the winter, you can find Bill Barga wearing black and white stripes and meandering into the gymnasium of a number of area schools around Rossburg, Ohio. Barga, an athlete himself, regularly referees local high school boys’ and girls’ basketball games.

Refereeing is just one of Barga’s many hobbies, however, Barga’s time is often spent working as an Associate for Ag Spectrum Company.

Much like the exciting tension-filled atmosphere that a crowd creates for a rivalry basketball game,...


Beyond the Big 3 - ​Reallocate your fertilizer dollars to increase plant efficiency and profit
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​5th generation Indiana farm family makes soil their priority
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​A Commitment to Success
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​A long-term vision encourages three Iowa farmers to take the leap to improve their operations with the Maximum Farming System
​Nutrient Sufficiency - ​Understanding the role of the big three and other...

Frequent Testing Ensures Accurate Understanding of pH

Soil scientists have known for years that soil pH and the relationship of elements in the clay have a significant impact on the integrity of the soil as a crop producing tool.  Farmers have conducted soil tests to learn more about their soil quality and have subsequently made decisions to apply materials, such as lime, that will enhance their soils. In order to optimize this environment, it is imperative to understand and manage the inputs recommended for this environment. 

Lime is a generic term that describes any...

Except When it's Not in the Form the Plant Desires

For years the fertilizer industry has pushed the idea that the plant doesn’t care what form of nitrogen it receives as long as adequate nitrogen is present. After all, it benefits traditional fertilizer dealers to utilize whatever form provides the retailer the most profit potential through logistics or market forces, while ignoring what is best for the crop.

The fact is, there are differences in nitrogen and how plants utilize what is available. Knowing those differences can make a significant impact in plant energy use,...