The Solution to Crop System Adoption


Ag Spectrum delivers the scientifically-based Maximum Farming System® with superior products, guidance, and unprecedented support not seen anywhere in the market. We go beyond conventional wisdom and outperform the product-focused competition.

It is an integrated approach to farming that delivers increased crop yields with soil health and sustainable profits for you.

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The System

Optimize Inputs
Improve Production
Maximum Profit

Soil Health

By enhancing soil health, the System reduces crop stress and increases yield potential.

In-Season Nutrition

Address plant requirements through the season to maximize plant energy for optimum yields.


We have the experience, knowledge, and products to make your transition easy.

Driven by Science

The Maximum Farming System is built on sound science and research dedicated to a greater understanding of plant and soil processes.

Farming System

Since 1984, Ag Spectrum has invested in research and studied farming to deliver the most successful production system in agriculture today.

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Maximizing Your Profitability

We improve chemical, physiological and biological processes in plants and soils. Without the constant promised yield increases with “magic” products, The Maximum Farming System focuses on improvements through sound science and understanding of plant development and soil processes.

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Research and Basic Science

Conventional fertilizer mentality convinces farmers that yield increases as fertilizer applied and the number of products used increases. Basic Science tells us that’s not true.  The Maximum Farming System focuses on the 5Rs using the Right Product, Right Form, Right Rate, Right Time, and the Right Place.

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Systematic Approach

This is a predictable way to farm. With the Maximum Farming System approach, you commit to a production process that will improve soil health and yields over time. You will know why you make every investment and how it will benefit your operation and yield an adequate return on investment.

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