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Economics Favor Healthy Soils

Nutrient use efficiency can lead to cost efficiency next growing season. With current fertilizer prices being so high, farmers need to find a plan that is good for their both their soil and pocketbook. Sticking with a “spread and hope” tactic does not make sense, because soils aren’t buckets that we can pour nutrients into […]

Optimize Nutrient Use Efficiency

Getting the best nutrient use efficiency possible can help save your farm money heading into the next growing season. Brian Gardener, Ag Spectrum Technical Director, says doing so starts with understanding your soil and soil health.

Foliar Feeding In Summer Can Maximize Crop Potential

By this time of the growing season, farmers may think they’ve done all they can to feed their crop. However, Brian Gardener, Ag Spectrum Technical Director, says there’s another step to ensure you are maximizing your crops potential.

Is Your Corn Set Up Properly?

Recent cool weather across the Midwest has led to concerns about lack of crop growth. After months of preparation, we want to see the crop jump out of the ground and get an early start on what we hope to be record yields. We want that every year, but weather and reality sets in. This […]

Evaluate Your Success

With planting coming to an end soon, now is the time to begin inspecting the success of the planting season. Things like proper planting, stand counts, development of early roots and compaction issues, all provide information for this growing season, and the next. Rob Vincent of Ag Spectrum says it’s important to see how your […]

Use Your Planter More Effectively

The planter can be the most important piece of equipment on a row crop farm, if it’s used properly. Now is the time to look ahead to 2022 and determine how you might want to make better use of your planter to manage nutrition throughout the growing season. Delk Crosier, Ag Spectrum Maximum Farming Implementation […]

Finding Balance in Soils

When we talk about a soil being in balance, we’re saying that the soil is in a condition that can provide the nutritional support necessary for maximum crop yields. Now to get to that point, the physical, chemical and biological properties of a soil have to all be considered so that both root growth and […]

Treat Your Spray Water

Getting the most out of your crop requires an integrated approach that also gets the most out the products you use in your fields. Ensuring your products are effective not only helps the crop, but helps prevent additional steps the down road. One way to do so is making sure your spray water isn’t costing […]

Time Nitrogen Form to Plant Needs

Getting the most out of all farm inputs is critical for farm profitability, and that includes nitrogen fertilizer. Delk Crosier, Maximum Farming Implementation Specialist for Ag Spectrum and Ohio farmer, says cost is a top decision driver for all inputs, but the greatest cost is in using a product that doesn’t perform like you need […]

Planter Check Up

Soil Health Defined

All farmers these days are interested in improving soil health, but not everyone may know exactly what that means or takes. Dr. Brian Gardener, Ag Spectrum Technical Director, says it’s important to know the basics of soil health and how farm management decisions can impact your soil and your yields.

Choose the Right Corn Starter Fertilizer

Choosing a corn starter fertilizer is more than about getting a good “pop-up” out of the ground for your corn. It’s important, but the real reason to use a starter is to get early-season phosphorus in the plant tissue by V3 to maximize kernel count. Most starters on the market don’t offer available phosphorus and […]

Why A System Matters

With a constant stream of new products coming to market, finding what works best on your farm can be confusing and challenging. Ag Spectrum National Sales Manager Eric Sherwood says the key to a high-yielding, quality crop, starts with a system-based approach. By understanding the fundamental principles of the chemical, physiological and biological processes in […]

The Case for Cold Germ Seed Testing

Seed is a major investment for growers today. Seeds deliver varietal traits, herbicide and pest resistance technologies, and chemical and/or biological treatments to protect the crop from planting through harvest. Because of this complexity, the seed purchasing process can consume as much or more time and study than any other crop input. Despite this, most […]

Fit Nutrition to Hybrid Type

Every season brings new opportunity and new hybrid genetics. While yield determines a farmer’s gross return, they should not focus solely on yield data when making selections. Maximizing yield potential requires finding the right fit of traits and characteristics that match with each farmer’s unique production system. That gives Maximum Farming System customers a leg […]

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