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Dayne Jessup is passionate about progressing American agriculture while staying grounded in its deep historical roots. The Indiana father of two is carrying on his family’s legacy alongside his wife, while feeding his entrepreneurial spirit as a farmer and Maximum Farming System® Dealer.

“I added the System to my portfolio because it supports natural biological functions of soil. It’s the right way to farm,” he says. “Being able to offer something different to the farmer, something that can improve their soil for generations to come; that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.”

Jessup’s commitment to his farmer-customers has led to him receiving a Rising Star Award and a New Energy for Growth Award for the 2022 season. Along with these awards, Jessup is also a Maximum Farming Certified Specialist. This distinction ensures System practices are always fresh in his mind.

Local Expertise

Originally planning to be a history teacher, agriculture tugged at Jessup’s heart and he pursued an agriculture degree from Ivy Tech instead. However, that base knowledge of history helps him understand that while having current information is important, sometimes the past holds answers for the present. He uses information from ST/MZ soil testing and Maximum Farming Reports to help farmers understand their soil.

As a Maximum Farming System Dealer, Jessup has a network of Ag Spectrum Company technical experts available to him. “Dayne truly wants his customers to succeed and leverages company resources to make that happen,” says Area Manager David Myers. “Whether it’s me or our District Sales Manager visiting the farm with him, or getting answers from company technical experts, Dayne goes above and beyond for his customers.”

As a farmer himself, the System helps Jessup show landowners the value he can bring to their property. “Someone else may be able to pay a higher rent than me but are they going to improve that soil while they farm it?” Jessup asks. “The answer is ‘probably not.’ Nowadays many landowners require renters to sustain or improve the land during the lease term. Maximum Farming Reports allow farmers to prove they are mindful land stewards.”

Season-Long Support

Jessup’s firsthand experience using the System, along with the season-long support he provides through Service Checks, allows him to provide leadership through System implementation. “Ag Spectrum Associates complete five Service Checks on each of our customers’ farms every year,” he explains. “I use this time to go into the field with the farmer, check on their crops, answer questions, and plan for the season ahead.”

When not on their farms, Jessup provides insight to his customers through Blackhawk Ag Solutions, LLC Facebook page and Instagram handle @the_cowboyfarmer. On these pages he showcases daily life as an ag input dealer and farmer. He also shares research from Ag Spectrum, photos of planter setups, updates on crops, along with the occasional photo of him dressed as his Old West persona.

When asked what he most enjoys about being a Maximum Farming System Dealer, Jessup says, “The family atmosphere Ag Spectrum fosters is second-to-none. Us independent dealers and technical experts work together to provide farmers valuable tools and resources to become better land stewards.”

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