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The goal of all Ag Spectrum independent sales representatives is to help farmers maximize return for every unit produced. Albion, Illinois’ Chad Heindselman is no exception.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in agronomy from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Chad worked at a co-op and later in seed production until he began his Maximum Farming System dealership in June of 2022. “Ag Spectrum piqued my interest because of their commitment to helping farmers produce crops efficiently and sustainably,” he said. “The System takes the truths of basic soil science and applies them to individual farms.”

Chad spends an extensive amount of time in the field with his farmer-customers getting to know their operations and ensuring successful implementation of the System. Heindselman said, “We inspect what we expect to be happening in the field.” He continued, “Not many, if any, input suppliers regularly go out in the field with farmers, but every little detail is important.”

Utilizing his skills and company resources, Chad has provided incredible support for farmers leading to him receiving New Energy for Growth and Rising Star Awards at Ag Spectrum’s 2024 National Dealer Seminar. His time spent in the field with farmers completing five-time annual Service Checks also awarded him a Maximum Farming Certification.

Ag Spectrum Area Manager Jerry Hase has gotten to know Chad well. “He is straightforward with farmers and has a lot of perseverance,” Jerry said. “He cares and is confident in the System and his abilities.”

Looking to the future, Chad is proud to be part of the Ag Spectrum family. “I truly believe we offer something special, and it’s our obligation to share it with farmers.”

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