Sharing Insight Improves Agriculture

 In Empowering Farmers

Access to shared knowledge, experience, and insight is key to improving nearly any skill, especially farming. Noah Fedders, a northwest Iowa farmer, became a Maximum Farming System® Associate because he saw something that he wanted to share with other farmers. “I was initially approached as a prospective customer, but once I heard about the System and how it could improve soil, I knew I wanted to be more involved and become a dealer,” he says.

Fedders has been an Associate for three years while farming with his wife and four children. Directly after college he worked in project management for commercial construction for nearly a decade. Once he returned to farming full-time, he noticed construction management could benefit him as a farmer.

“Attention to detail and budget management goes a long way in operating a successful farming business,” Fedders says. This success has not gone unnoticed in his area and has built trust and respect in him as not only a farmer, but also as a Maximum Farming System Associate.

Rich Malcom, Ag Spectrum Area Manager, has seen firsthand how Fedders provides value to farmers. “Noah is someone who loves to learn and educate,” Malcom states. “The System provides him with the education he was looking for, and he uses these tools to lead other farmers toward nutrient use efficiency.”

This dedication to always improving led Fedders to receive the 2022 New Energy for Growth, Rising Star, and Dealer Sales Awards. Along with these distinctions, he is also a Maximum Farming Certified Specialist, based on his commitment to gaining knowledge to help his customers.

“Noah is a true professional whose focus is on helping his farmers get better while improving as a farmer himself,” District Sales Manager Shane Frantum expresses. “He is always thinking ahead asking ‘What are we doing today and what can we do better tomorrow?’”

Fedders’ dedication to improving American agriculture has made him effective in his role as a Maximum Farming System Associate. “Ag Spectrum has the knowledge, research, experience, and passion, to help farmers do better. I am proud to be part of that.”

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