The 5Rs of Carbon Management

Dr. Brian Gardener explains how the 5Rs of nutrient management can be applied to natural processes that increase soil carbon, therefore improving soil health and crop productivity.

Optimizing Soil Health Management

Optimizing Soil Health Management with the Maximum Farming System®

Dr. Brian Gardener explains how the Maximum Farming System builds on that scientific foundation to improve all aspects of soil quality thereby allowing customers to succeed regardless of local conditions.

Production Agriculture’s Most Often Unexploited Opportunity

Dr. Brian Gardener and Cliff Ramsier explain how to save input dollars and, at the same time, increase the volume and quality of crops by simply changing nitrogen management practices.

Foliar Nutrition Why This Farmer Loves It!

Delk Crosier is a Maximum Farming Implentation Specialist with a 2,000 acre farming operation in West Alexandria, Ohio. He has been using the Maximum Farming System for 30 years and grows all non-GMO corn and beans. He’s found that using the complete Maximum Farming System, including foliar applications, has improved his profitability, his condition, and productivity.


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