Young plants on left benefited from the Maximum Farming System. The smaller plants on the right did not.


At Ag Spectrum Company, we are dedicated to helping today’s grower produce crops in the most cost-efficient manner possible, but only by knowing the soil’s current energy status can a grower successfully select the right plant nutrients to maximize yield. For more than 30 years, Ag Spectrum has provided leadership in soil sampling and professional tools that help growers make informed decisions that lead to higher yields, reduced crop input costs, and as a result, more profit.

Our crop management tools consist of ST/MZ soil sampling, Maximum Farming Recommendations and the Maximum Farming Report. Together, these Crop Management Tools are used to create a seamless process of decision making and allow growers to make informed choices. By using this process year after year, growers can continually improve their soils under the Maximum Farming System.

Why do our customers talk about improvement?

When a customer has the best crop he had ever seen in 40 years, that is worth talking about.

 Soil Samples by Zone

Soil samples taken by soil type and management zone enable a “prescriptive approach” for each field.  In the Maximum Farming System, soil testing is an important starting point. Results from testing soils provide information about nutrient availability, how favorable the root environment is, and what can be done to alter the root environment to a farmer’s advantage. 

 Maximum Farming Recommendations

Growers are provided specific recommendations for their crop that are developed with our proprietary recommendation software to enable a farmer to implement the Maximum Farming System

Maximum Farming Reports 

The Maximum Farming Report is the tool used to evaluate choices and help the farmer plan for next year’s production decisions. Layers of GPS data from individual fields enhance the Maximum Farming Report. It is a powerful tool that can help track production trends in various conditions.

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At Ag Spectrum, we recognize that stressors constantly impact the growth of crops, and ultimately affect yield. That is why we developed the Maximum Farming System, which uses fundamental principles of basic science to manage these stressors. Production is driven by a complex combination of chemical, physical, and biological processes. We believe if you can optimize the effects of these processes, you can maximize production efficiency and achieve results.   


Implement the Maximum Farming System and experience better results.  Consult our Associate for proof.

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