In-Season Nutrition

Diagram of a Seed Trench


Enhancing plant health and vigor is accomplished through proper timing and placement of nutrients. Once appropriate soil structure is established, the next priority is to awaken microbial life within the soil through the application of GroZyme®. Research at The Ohio State University has shown that GroZyme increases soil activity and facilitates the release of N, P, K and micronutrients. GroZyme enhances the root system, leading to greater absorption of nutrients when the plant needs it.

A fertile soil environment encourages uptake of nutrients, particularly if nutrients are available at planting time. Specially formulated CleanStart®, paired with our micronutrient package Kick-Off, and GroZyme maximizes kernel numbers and is applied to the seed, while Nitrogen is banded next to the row at planting.

Nutritional needs remain a priority as the crop grows. Side-dressing and foliar feeding are prescribed specific to plant nutritional needs. Over the years, Ag Spectrum has funded extensive research on foliar feeding, discovering that when the proper materials are absorbed through a plant’s leaves at the right time, energy production is sustained, root growth is stimulated, yields increase, and soil test values improve.


A complex interaction of chemical, physical and biological processes is the foundation for all crop production. Energy is exchanged as a result of these processes and therefore it plays a unique role – it drives the system.

We believe that if you optimize the effects of these processes, then you can maximize production efficiency.  However, we must also diminish the amount of stress that a plant faces, or prepare the plant to withstand those stresses.

If a plant experiences stress, it will divert its energy to fight the stresses as opposed to creating sugar. This directs energy away from the harvestable yield, and ultimately results in lost revenue.

The Maximum Farming System® helps you manage your energy sources to bring these processes into balance and enables your plants to focus on using energy for yield production rather than fighting stresses.

The result is a higher yield that may even reduce the amount of additional nutrients needed to maintain an optimum soil environment.

Diagram of the System and how it effects Yield
Photo of sprayer applying nutrients


Leaves are the above-ground part of a plant that absorb nutrients, which is why we believe in applying foliar nutrition. Over the years, Ag Spectrum has funded extensive research on foliar feeding and has discovered that when the proper materials are absorbed through a plant’s leaves at the right time, energy production is sustained, yields increase, and soil test values improve.

Our proven materials, such as Kick-Off®, Clean Start®, Score®, PT-21®, GroZyme®, and GlyCure®, supply plants with the right amount of nutrition that they need and have shown great success in producing quality crops. Foliar nutrition can be applied during any condition that initiates stress, such as temporary limitation of root uptake. We apply our foliar nutrition to crops at very specific times for optimum success. Foliar feeding is a sound practice that has shown consistent results and our system encourages using foliar nutrition on every acre, every year.

What were you shown in the field that you had not seen before?

I saw the role of a good healthy root system and the impact of foliar application on plant health. Watch the video to hear more of our customer’s comment.

 Soil Samples by Zone

Soil samples taken by soil type and management zone enable a “prescriptive approach” for each field.  In the Maximum Farming System, soil testing is an important starting point. Results from testing soils provide information about nutrient availability, how favorable the root environment is, and what can be done to alter the root environment to a farmer’s advantage. 

 Maximum Farming Recommendations

Growers are provided specific recommendations for their crop that are developed with our proprietary recommendation software to enable a farmer to implement the Maximum Farming System

Maximum Farming Reports 

The Maximum Farming Report is the tool used to evaluate choices and help the farmer plan for next year’s production decisions. Layers of GPS data from individual fields enhance the Maximum Farming Report. It is a powerful tool that can help track production trends in various conditions.

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