Ag Spectrum Company was founded in 1984 by six men who were raised on family farms. These forward-thinking entrepreneurs based their new company on the principles of basic science and designed a comprehensive systems approach to help the American farmer produce crops in the most cost-efficient manner possible. Today, that system is known as Maximum Farming®. 

With their farming backgrounds, Ag Spectrum’s owner directors understand the decisions and sacrifices farmers make every day. Many of them continue to farm and use Ag Spectrum products and technology in their own fields, giving them firsthand knowledge and insight into what works and what doesn’t.

With an ongoing commitment to sponsoring quality research at several universities and independent centers, Ag Spectrum continues to offer cutting-edge leadership to growers across the nation. The company’s emphasis on technology is illustrated through the employment of programmers, mapping specialists, and technicians who provide farmers with a field-integrated, GPS-guided, and personalized management system, Maximum Farming Reports, to guide their most important cropping decisions.

Ag Spectrum has grown to include approximately 125 representatives in 21 states and remains dedicated to developing better fields, better yields, and especially, better farmers.