The Maximum Farming System®

Ag Spectrum delivers the scientifically based Maximum Farming System with superior products, guidance, and unprecedented support not seen anywhere in the market. We go beyond conventional wisdom and outperform the product-focused competition.

It is an integrated approach to farming that delivers increased crop yields with soil health and sustainable profits to you.


There are many factors that may cause problems regarding soil health. However, having a systems approach to soil, air, and water can provide solutions to many of these problems.

In-Season Nutrition

Nutritional needs change throughout a crop’s development process. Our proprietary product and systems approach delivers what your plants need, when they need it throughout the growing season.


The Maximum Farming Report is the tool used to evaluate production choices and helps the grower plan for next year’s production decisions.


By using the Maximum Farming System year after year, growers can continually improve their soils, plant health, and profitability year after year.

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