The mentality of the conventional fertilizer industry convinces farmers that yield increases as fertilizer applied and the number of products used increases … more inputs always mean higher yields. Basic Science tells us that is not true. The Maximum Farming System® focuses on the 5Rs using the Right Product, Right Form, Right Rate, Right Time, and the Right Place.

Our customers understand why we recommend specific products and rates, and how and when to use them, which ensures farmers provide their crop what it needs at the right time.

Basic Science

Focuses on plant and soil processes, the “how” and “why”


Applied Science

Focuses on performance of a particular product, the “what”

The best management decisions come from understanding basic plant and soil processes that contribute to healthy crop production.  By combining scientific research results with practical knowledge, the Maximum Farming System has proven successful for decades.  

“What I think I learn is a fresh set of eyes. Anybody who comes and observes a crop on your farm is someone who has not been there in a couple of weeks. We, as farmers, get a blind eye to what we are looking at. A fresh perspective from anyone is valuable! Folks who are on the Ag Spectrum system, I believe, are keenly aware of agronomy and plant physiology. So when we get to see you guys, we get a true assessment about the finite details of that crop production and that is neat to see.”

Garrett,  Missouri farmer 




Ag Spectrum partners with a multitude of independent researchers across the nation who have a variety of specialties. For the past 30 years, advancements to the Maximum Farming System have been implemented based on research conducted by the collaboration of these scientists.

“Typically funders come to us [researchers in general] with a jug and a hat and ask us to test their products. If we’re lucky, they will also provide a small amount of funding that can help to support our research,” shared Dr. Brown.

“Ag Spectrum is different, and takes a unique approach to their investment in research. As a company, they are more interested in advancing basic science, than they are about testing and proving the validity of their products,” says Dr. Patrick Brown, Professor of Plant Sciences at the University of California Davis.

The majority of the industry has shifted to this mindset because it allows companies’ technology to be tested by an “unbiased” third party. For researchers to make real discoveries and progress in understanding basic biology, however, they must find their own funding to support basic research, which is increasingly difficult due to continued decreases in public funding.

That’s why Ag Spectrum believes in advancing basic science to gain a deeper knowledge of how and why plants perform and develop. We are heavily invested in research that leads to greater understandings that will benefit the entire agricultural community.

The Maximum Farming System optimizes yields.

Let us design recommendations that will improve your long-term success. 

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